Naroda Khodadhor Panjrapole Trust is working towords pity on unviable animals from last 55 years. Panrapole work more actively in last 13 years. Panjrapole accepting animals which are abandoned by their owner also accepting animal which are escaped from slaughter house including Cow, Bullock, buffalo, rabbit etc… And actually organization accept animals 24x7 / 365 days continuously without any hesitation.

Naroda Khodadhor Panjrapole is unique organization in Ahmedabad for this type of Noblest Cause. Organisation is situated 8 kilometer in east of Ahmedabad. Organisation having 2500 Square yard space near jain temple at Naroda(Ahmedabad).

Vision & Mission

Organisation don't have any permanent fund. Panjrapole having average 300-500 animals. Organisation have average 10 to 15 lac expendutre per annum. Now due to rising cost of fodder, salaries of staff ,and other essential items, the Institution is facing difficulties in making ends meet. Even in this condition also, the Institution still accepts animals that may be diverted to slaughter houses, which defies the very purpose of this Institution.

All essential medicines, injections etc. are kept in stock and a veterinary doctor visits the Institution regularly. In case of serious sickness of animals, consulting doctor who comes to the Institution twice a month. Even surgical treatment is done under expert hands at the Institution. The animals are regularly vaccinated. Help and guidance is also provided to the farmers of neighboring villages when their animals fall sick. Thus the Institution tries to alleviate the suffering of dumb and helpless animals which are abandoned by their owners.

Your Small Donation Can Save Our Life

You are the only hope of thousands of homeless Cow / Calf, Buffalo, Pada, Bullock / Bulls, Goats & Sheep other pets. Please consider making a donation today to help us save more lives!

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"Pity is a root of religion"

- Indian Proverb