People will always help people, but what about animals? If you're willing to donate money, you should consider being one of the few of us who donate to help animals.

There are many ways to help save animal lives. You can get involved with the Naroda Khodadhor Panjrapole Trust through charitable contributions. Your kind contributions help ensure that the homeless animals in our care receive the best care possible.

We are working towards a future where no animal is refused help. Where every animal entering our care is found a suitable and loving home and whilst in our care all animals are looked after in line with our values.

Our Mission is to be one of the leading animal welfare and re-homing charities for the care and rehabilitation of animals.

The fundamental principle of our approach to animal welfare is that no healthy animal will be destroyed.

Why Donate Us

Your Small Donation Can Save Our Life

You are the only hope of thousands of homeless Cow / Calf, Buffalo, Pada, Bullock / Bulls, Goats & Sheep other pets. Please consider making a donation today to help us save more lives!

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- Indian Proverb